We are committed to exhibiting the highest quality of visionary artistic projects.
We forward this through an adherence to the highest standards of connoisseurship,
scholarship and ethical practice. Our principal focus is on showcasing local, national
and international contemporary artists whose diverse practices may include painting,
drawing, scultpure, video, photography, installations and performance.

Recyclable Materials

Plume21—Art Openings

Big Drawings 

Artist: Thomas (Tomek) Lamprecht, Bird—2012, Charcoal on Paper, 16ft x 9ft

Artist: Jacques Roch—The Island 2011, Mixed Media 54x58

Artist: Haris Purnomo









Fill it With Art (FIWA) 

FIWA project is designed to utilize vacant, ‘For Rent’, retail spaces for a temporary display of site-specific art installations created and curated by Plume21. FIWA’s program is currently in a process of being initiated in La Jolla Village, California.

All FIWA projects are created within specific parameters, including the use of easily installed, recyclable, non-interior-damaging materials and process, as well as maintaining an unimpeded access for showing the space to prospective renters.

­The idea is aimed at converting unused and unattractive presence within an urban environment into a rich cultural experience that benefits the community, visitors, artists, neighboring retailers and, not the least, the realtors themselves. We’re proud of the fact that, as far as we know, this is the first such initiative implemented anywhere.









































































Tomek Lamprecht - Big Drawings

These are evidence of large-scale gestures. They are stories told in a language of line produced by a dance. They discard, focus and aim to be quick, approximated, straightforward, impatient. They are purposefully handicapped by crudeness and subtlety of the most basic, insubstantial means; two-dimensional surface of heroic scale and a single tool to mark it with. They’re not finessed but certainly completed. They are not intimate.

The images speak of violence and fragility. They are as scary as lyrical, precious hinting ominous. They wink and move, tickle and press, overwhelm and seduce. They can irk or reassure evoking a nightmare or meditative pause. 

We live in the world full of natural beauty and extreme threats. We want to see the beauty as perfect or calming, and separate from fears of brutality and evil it carries. Capturing those polarities as one in simple, direct terms is what these drawings aim at. 

In that balance there is something urgently real that matters.